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The do’s and don’ts of water pipe smoking

A hookah allows you to smoke special flavored tobacco in a variety of flavors. A social occasion for relaxing. In the Middle East, people have smoked water pipes for decades. You can find various shisha cafes and restaurants. Meanwhile, water pipe smoking is also widely enjoyed in Western countries. 

The water pipe has different terms such as: shisha, hookah, hubbly-bubbly or narghile. Steam stones are placed on top of the tobacco bowl of a hookah, after which heating gives off a vapor. This is how you can enjoy smoking at a hookah.  

Waterpipe smoking tips

Here are some tips to make smoking shisha as enjoyable as possible:

  • Put the charcoal on the outside of the tobacco bowl and work your way inwards. This way you can enjoy the water pipe longer.
  • We recommend you blow the smoke out of the base every now and then, through the valve. This way the smoke does not taste like metal.
  • You can combine flavors. For example, mango and lemon, strawberry and banana are good combinations of flavors. You can also experiment with other liquids such as juice, milk, or wine in addition to water. 
  • Adding a little ice to the water makes the smoke even creamier!
  • Use a hookah filter. A hookah filter is a handy accessory that allows you to keep your hookah smoking cleaner and makes it better for your health. A hookah filter is easily placed at the end of the hose.

Don’t do this

What not to do when smoking a hookah:

  • Don’t poke too many holes in the aluminum foil. The charcoal is meant to cover the part with the holes. Too many holes can cause “false air”.
  • Make sure you fill the base with the right amount of water. Too much water can cause the water to enter the hose. Fill the base about halfway with water.
  • Don’t just pass the hose to another person. Put the hose down and then wait for the next person to pick it up. This creates safety!

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