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Tips for Finding a Great Massage Therapist

If you are in pain or have tight muscles, you may be searching for a great massage therapist. However, every therapist is different. They have different skills and specialties, so choosing the right person can be overwhelming. You just want relief, but it takes more than searching for a local provider, e.g., massage Mississauga. Therefore, consider these tips.

Determine Your Health Goals

First, you need to understand your current health status. What ailments, pains or challenges are you dealing with? For example, do you have muscle pain, muscle tightness caused by stress or an injury that needs treatment?

Next, identify why you are seeking treatment. For instance, did your doctor suggest or order therapy or is this a personal choice? Then, learn how a massage therapist can help.

Set your end goals, such as elimination of pain, increased mobility or better range of motion. You should also state your preferences, such as whether you want a male or female therapist. Learn about the different types of massage and their purposes, and work with your doctor to select the one that is right for you.

Get Referrals

Your next step is to learn about your local providers. If you know someone who gets regular massages or has a similar condition, you can ask for referrals. You can even ask about their massage experiences, whether good or bad. Contact the American Massage Therapy Association and Association Bodywork Massage Professionals for local professionals who belong to their associations. Your doctor will be the best source of referrals, however. Some doctors even work closely with massage therapists.

Ask for Consultations

A consultation will give you the opportunity to interview your prospective therapists. You can ask about their styles, experience, philosophy of care, specialties and education. Choose someone with at least 500 hours of accredited training and is a member of a national association. The therapists may even evaluate your injury, so pay attention to the treatments they suggest. Do they align with what your doctor suggested?

Ask how many clients the therapists are currently seeing. You need to know whether they have the time and resources to give you the service you need. You should also learn how long each session will take and what will happen while you are there. For example, some therapists encourage you to sit in a sauna for a half-hour before or after a massage to encourage toxin release. Finally, ask about fees and whether they work with your insurance company. Discounts and package rates may also be discussed.

If you hope to improve your muscle health, either because of an injury, pain or other damage, seek a reputable massage therapist.

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