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Top Tips for Staying Warm When Surfing in Cold Water

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With the winter months fast approaching and bringing with them the harsh winds and bitter weather, it is essential to learn a few tips and tricks to conserve as much heat as possible before entering the water. Follow our steps before and after your surf to protect yourself from the upcoming chill.

Invest in a Neoprene Wetsuit

A well-fitting, highly functional wetsuit is vital to stay ahead of the temperature. Thickness isn’t necessarily better in the realm of wetsuits and therefore choosing a wetsuit that’s right for you can be difficult. The best way to find the best wetsuit for you during colder months is by using a wetsuit thickness guide. A chest zip wetsuit would be preferable for colder water and the addition of a hood and booties in the winter months is essential. When it comes to booties, the thickness of your boots will determine the preservation of heat. We recommend boots that are thick enough to battle the cold water!

Get Changed in Your Car

Changing in the car prepares you for a warmer start and ensures that you will not linger once on the beach. The cold weather can quickly dampen spirits and cause a case of shivers that can be difficult to escape. Although mastering a quick change in a reclining passenger seat can be difficult, it will help later on when you reach the water!

Pour Hot Water into Your Suit

When cold water penetrates a wetsuit, it can take time for the body to adjust. By filling your suit with warm water from the hot water rinse tank in the parking lot, you can help ease your bodies temperature into the cold water.

Keep Moving in the Water

This may seem obvious, but it’s remarkable how many surfers end up as sitting ducks in between waves. You may believe you’re saving energy, but you’re actually stiffening up and letting more cold in. To keep the blood circulating and your body warm – you need to move about.

Dry Your Hair

Return to the car after your session and begin removing your wetsuit. The hood is the first thing to go. Next, wrap your hair in a super-absorbent towel before removing the booties and wetsuit. The quickest and easiest way to induce a chill is to have cold, wet hair (particularly for longer hair). Jump into the car after you’re back into your thickest joggers and layers of jackets and blast the heat as a makeshift hairdryer.

We hope these tips help you out with your upcoming surfing ventures.

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