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Venus Freeze: Achieving a Firmer and Younger-Looking Skin

Venus Freeze is a cosmetic procedure that involves combining multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. Both technologies work together to comfortably and safely heat the tissue under the skin’s surface, encouraging the body to produce more collagen and elastin fibres. As a result, clients will have firmer, smoother skin that looks more youthful on the surface.

It Venus Freeze Right for You?

This procedure is ideal for people who are starting to show signs of ageing and would like to have tight skin without undergoing invasive or expensive surgical procedures. It is best for anyone of any skin tone and colour. But, it is advisable if there is infection or inflammation in the treatment area, for a person with a  pacemaker, or those with silicone injections given in the area they want to be treated. If you have any concerns, check with your healthcare provider before treatment. But, esthétique Laserplus clinic can give you an evaluation to know if Venus Freeze is right for you.

Benefits of Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze provides a lot of benefits, which make it ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the sins of ageing and improve their skin’s appearance and elasticity. The procedure reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimises fat stores, tightens, and tones loose and sagging skin, as well as improves the collagen and elastin production. This non-invasive treatment option has long-lasting results and targets many issues all at once.

What to Expect on the Day you Get Venus Freeze

Don’t apply lotion or makeup to the area to be treated the morning of your treatment. The latest technology can treat you in 15-30 minutes, though some patients prefer to have several areas treated back to back. How long you will complete the treatment depends on the area to be treated.

During the treatment, you will the applicator slowly getting warmer until your skin reaches the required temperature. It stays within the therapeutic temperature range. You can let your aesthetician know if you can’t bear the heat so they can change the settings to make it more comfortable for you.

Recovery Time

With Venus Freeze, there is no downtime. You may even get the treatment during your lunch break. You can apply makeup right after the treatment, though the treated area may feel warm and look red. But, this will disappear within a couple of hours after your appointment.

The majority of patients need 6-8 treatments to get optimal results. But, you will start seeing an obvious difference after only three treatments and you will have a better-looking skin as the treatment progresses.

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