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Ways To Control Type 2 Diabetes

Managing Type 2 diabetes can be complex and time-intensive, which is why patients can design key strategies to control their condition better. From making better dietary choices to ensuring regular blood sugar testing, there are several approaches to controlling symptoms and ensuring that there are no sudden blood sugar spikes.

Individuals can also purchase the best blood sugar testing machine from leading stores, such as Smart Medical Buyer, to consistently monitor their levels throughout the day. While every patient will have their own approach to diabetes management, it is best to consult with doctors, specialists, and dieticians before adapting new methodologies for controlling Type 2 diabetes.

Understanding Type 2 diabetes

While Type 1 diabetes can occur due to autoimmune diseases or genetic predispositions, Type 2 diabetes has been linked to chronic lifestyle related factors. Patients with Type 2 diabetes have difficulty producing insulin in the pancreas as well as regulating its use. This leads to insulin resistance, which can have detrimental effects to the patient’s health. With close to 77 million adults currently affected by the condition in India, understanding the role of diet, exercise, and stress is critical. Patients with Type 2 diabetes must adhere to their medication schedule, make regular doctor visits, and track their vitals regularly.

Adapting for low-GI and natural foods

People with Type 2 diabetes can better manage their condition by opting for natural and minimally processed foods for their daily nutrition. A low Glycaemic Index (GI) meal can also help lower blood sugar significantly, enabling individuals to have better control over their blood sugar. Green vegetables, most fruits, kidney beans, lentils, and oats, are ideal options to consume when patients want to control their blood sugar better. High GI foods, such as potatoes, rice, and white bread, can spike blood sugar significantly making patients feel drowsy and lethargic throughout the day.

Having fixed meal timings

Insulin management is essential for individuals with Type 2 diabetes, which is why having fixed meal timings is critical. Your body can better manage insulin when it knows what time each meal needs to be consumed. Modulating meal timings can also help individuals better prepare their next meal, rather than relying on quick consumption foods that may have hidden sugar. By extending the gap between meals, your body is better able to lower insulin naturally rather than always be elevated throughout the day.

Changing long-term lifestyle choices  

Altering lifestyle decisions can help with long-term diabetes management, which includes balancing nutritional intake, getting more sleep, medication adherence, and reducing stress in everyday life. Patients with Type 2 diabetes can often have secondary conditions, such as respiratory problems or chronic pain, which would have to be managed independently as well. Individuals with Type 2 diabetes can use oximeters to track their oxygen concentration levels, and better gauge the benefits of longer sleep and exercise sessions. Patients and caregivers can find the best finger pulse oximeter price online on Smart Medical Buyer and measure their oxygen saturation throughout the week.

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