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What Are Plant Based Vitamins?

While everyone can gain something from taking vitamins, it is often those with the most restricted diets that are very reliant and need some extra care with ensuring they get the right dosage of vitamins and nutrients for their hard-working bodies.

One of the most common diets that cause a lack of nutrients from being consumed through food is the vegan diet. This is because it is much harder to get essential nutrients from non-animal products.

But we aren’t here to shame any vegans. Quite the contrary actually! And kudos to all those vegans who are committed to their diets and making the world a better place.

What we are here for is to celebrate the fact that there are plant based vitamins that are here to enhance the wellness of vegans and anyone else for that matter!

What are plant based vitamins? They are pretty much what the name entails—vitamins made from the nutrients found in plants! This is pretty much the best news ever, as it means that the vitamins are not made from fake chemicals, they are made from real food that already has real nutrients. Often, plant based vitamins use foods like pumpkin seeds, coconuts, mushrooms, spirulina, chia seeds, and even algae!

To further convince you that plant based vitamins are the way to go, here are five reasons you should consider them.

  1.     Your body will absorb them better Because the plant based vitamins are packed with real nutrients and vitamins, your body will cope much better with breaking this vitamin down and maximizing the ingredients for good in your body. This is great news, as it means you are getting the most bang for your buck with it comes to vitamins and can have peace of mind knowing only good stuff is fuelling you up and keeping you healthy!
  2.     There is less risk for toxicity Once again, because the minerals and nutrients you are giving your body are in fact real, there is less risk of your body having a negative reaction to the vitamin. In fact, it is pretty much a guarantee your body will react well to plant based vitamins and that everything will be absorbed in a natural way.
  3.     There are special ones for girls and guys Just because they are plant based doesn’t mean that the needs of guys and girls aren’t being considered. Plant based vitamins can cater to both body types and ensure that the correct dosage of nutrients will be delivered through the vitamin.
  4.     There are specific vegan plant based vitamins The healthy industry understands the wants and needs of vegans and they are here to deliver. In fact, many have designed special vitamins that use plant nutrients to create a vegan vitamin. That is pretty exciting if you ask us! These vitamins keep in mind what vegans are normally depleted of, so you will find lots of B12, Omega 3, iron, and magnesium packed inside!
  5.     They boost the mood When your body is operating a quality stuff, you will simply feel a whole lot better! Plant based vitamins offer a premium boost of natural ingredients that makes your body very happy. This, in turn, results in you feeling better, more energized, and able to concentrate at a higher level for longer. A total win-win in our books!
  6.     You can choose the form they come in Just like any other vitamin, plant based vitamins come in all shapes and sizes. You can go for a chewable form, a soft-gel form, or even a liquid form. It really all comes down to your preference, budget, and results you want to see. When it comes to choosing your plant based vitamin, we definitely suggest talking to your doctor as well to ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your body.
  7.     They come in a personalized form Similar to other vitamin types, many companies are offering a personalized vitamin package that allows each customer to tailor make their vitamins, including plant based vitamins! This means that all you need to do is answer a range of questions and talk to their consultant and you will have a premium tailor-made plant based vitamin packaged delivered to you on a regular basis. As with all vitamins, consistency is key to see these vitamins truly make a difference in your health and wellness!

Plant based vitamins are changing the game in the wellness world and we are so stoked for that! It definitely is exciting to see vitamins being made from 100% natural ingredients that come from food and deliver the same results at maximum capacity. So long to all that fake stuff and hello to a whole new world of natural goodness.

It is hard to not become obsessed with plant based vitamins and you will be hard pressed to not benefit from everything this vitamin has to offer!

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