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What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Through the years, there have been significant improvements in dental care. However, many people still suffer from tooth loss secondary to injury, decay, or periodontal disease. For many years, the only treatment options available for individuals with missing teeth include dentures and bridges.

Fortunately, another amazing option to treat missing teeth has been introduced — dental implants. Dental implants are known as replacement tooth roots. Implants are known to provide a robust foundation for both removable or fixed (permanent) replacement teeth. Dental implants are designed to match the natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide many benefits. The most notable ones include:


Some people consider dentures a convenient option since they are removable. However, they can cause embarrassment especially when they don’t fit right. With dental implants, you won’t need messy adhesives to keep the implants in place. You also won’t have to worry about them slipping unexpectedly while eating or talking.


Dental implants are known for their durability and can last for many years. When looked after accordingly, dental implants can last for many years to come.

Enhanced oral health

Unlike a tooth-supported bridge, dental implants won’t require reducing surrounding teeth. Since nearby teeth won’t be altered to support the implant, the teeth are left intact. This also helps ensure long-term oral health is improved significantly. Dental implants can also improve oral hygiene since there’s easier access between the teeth.

Improved self-esteem

Dental implants can help you feel better about yourself and give you back your beautiful smile. When you are confident about your smile and how you look, it’s easier to feel good about yourself.

Improved appearance

Dental implants can help ensure you look and feel good about your replacement teeth. Since dental implants are designed to mimic the look and feel of the natural teeth, they can help enhance its appearance and people won’t even recognize they are not natural unless you tell them.

Improved speech

When you have poor-fitting dentures, it can slip unexpectedly when you are talking or eating. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about the implants slipping even when you eat or talk.

Easier eating

When you have dentures, chewing can become tricky. Dental implants work like the natural teeth and allow you to consume your favorite foods without pain and discomfort.

Dental Implant Success Rate

The success of dental implants can vary depending on several factors including where in the jaw the implants will be placed. However, dental implants have an impressive success rate of 98 percent. Amazingly, given that they are looked after properly, dental implants can even last a lifetime.

Good Candidates for Dental Implants

Anyone who is healthy enough to get oral surgery or routine dental extraction are considered great candidates for dental implant. It is also important that an individual has enough bones and gums that are healthy enough to hold the implant in place. Candidates should also be committed to adhering to good dental hygiene.

It is also ideal that candidates for dental implants would be willing to visit the dentist regularly for follow up check ups. Those with chronic disorders like heart disease or diabetes or those who smoke heavily need to have their condition assessed and managed prior to placing dental implants.

In addition, those people who have had radiation therapy to the neck or head area are generally not good candidates for the procedure. If you are unsure if you are a great candidate for dental implants, you need to speak with your dentist first so they can help you pick the option that will suit your needs and budget best.

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