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What Are the UAE Residency Requirements?

The UAE is an increasingly popular destination for a lot of expatriates. In order to obtain a visa for residency in the UAE there are several boxes that need to be ticked for your application to progress. There are several ways for you to secure your residency, an employer can sponsor you, but this form of visa is often temporary. You can also secure residency by purchasing real estate. It is only after you are a resident that you can open a local bank account. Keep reading to learn more.

Application Criteria

In order to apply for a residency permit there are several conditions that you need to fulfil. The conditions themselves vary. Most of the time the variations depend on the applicant’s country of origin and nationality.

All citizens except those from gulf cooperation council countries will need to apply for a residence permit before moving. If you plan to obtain your visa through employment, then your employer should apply on your behalf. Your passport also needs to have over six months left on it.

Anyone applying for a visa to the UAE is also expected to undergo a residency medical screening which must be carried out by a government approved healthcare provider like Smart Salem. The screening aims to look infectious diseases and your application may be denied if you are deemed medically unfit.

Residency through Employment

A lot of residents choose to make the move to the UAE because they have gotten a job there. In this case the employer should apply for your entry visa. In addition to this they will also need to apply for the permission to hire a foreign national.

Residency through Sponsorship

Some people choose to move to the UAE because they already have family living there. If a foreign national with a visa wants to sponsor a family member to obtain their residence visa, then they must have a monthly income over 3,000 AED – If the sponsors residence is provided by the their employer. If the sponsor owns their own property, then this figure increases to 4,000 AED.

Residency Through Property

You might be able to obtain a residence visa in the UAE by purchasing property there. However, this is not advisable for most people, not least because the value of said property has to be at least 1,000,000 AED.

Residency Through Company Registration

Finally, you might also be able to obtain a residency visa by registering your company or business in the emirate. Obviously, your business needs to operate within the UAE. The visa is designed to allow you as a foreign national to be a stockholder within a local company and hire employees to work for you.

To Conclude

There are several ways that you can obtain a residency visa for the UAE. However, it is important to point out that regardless of how you begin your application you will still need to follow the process in its entirety in order for your visa to be approved.

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