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What’s The Difference Between Indica And Sativa? Find All Details Here!

Medical marijuana is now legal in 30 states in the US. The cannabis plant contains over a hundred different plan compounds, of which CBD and THC are two that are known to have specific medical use. THC, in particular, is known to create the high effect that we all associate marijuana with. When it comes to medical cannabis, a bunch of different varieties or strains are available in the market. Of this, Indica and Sativa are two most popular ones. Knowing both Indica and Sativa will be handy for patients and buyers who want to harness the benefits of medical cannabis.

In this post, we take a look at each one of them.

Decoding Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica is one of the most common varieties of marijuana, both for recreational and personal use. The plant is usually very short and bushy, and compared to sativa, the leaves are wider. In the medical world, Cannabis Indica is often recommended when patients need to get more of CBD and less of THC. This strain is particularly known for inducing mental relaxation instead of the energetic high that people usually associate with sativa. Other benefits of Indica include decreased nausea, acute pain, and increase of appetite.

Decoding Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa plant has thinner leaves, and this is a taller plant in comparison with the leaves having a lighter green color. In terms of production, Sativa plants need more time and light to grow, which is why the strains are typically more expensive. Compared to Indica, Sativa has lower CBD and high THC, which is also why it is a recommended strain for treatment of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The high that one can get with Sativa is more like a burst of energy, and since it increases serotonin, it is often used for mood regulation. Sativa is ideal for daytime use.

What are the differences?

Both Indica and Sativa are two known stains of cannabis, but there are considerable differences. Here’s a look at some of the basics.

  • Basic traits of the plants. Indica plants are usually shorter, have dark green leaves that are thicker, with a thick stem. Growing this variety of cannabis is rather easy and growing time is considerably short. On the other hand, sativa plants need more time for flowering and have thinner leaves. Indica grows well in colder climates, while sativa flourishes in warm weather. Indica strains, in terms of scent, has an earthy odor, while sativa is more of a sweet scent.
  • Medical use. When it comes to medical use of cannabis, not all strains are the same, and researchers have found stark differences as how Indica and Sativa work for patients. Indica is considered to be a more night-time drug, which should be taken at the end of the day, so that the mind calms down. The immediate feeling is that of relaxation, and most people want to sleep after a dose of Indica, which is why it is used for the calming effect. Sativa is almost the opposite. It can actually uplift one’s mood and is great for people who need that extra dose of energy or need to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Healing. Medical marijuana is known to have a bunch of benefits, and each strain works has a few good effects. Sativa strains are great for treating mental conditions and psychological health issues. This is often recommended for patients who are suffering from inflammation, pain, PTSD and depression. Indica, on the other hand, is more of a sleep-inducing drug that helps in calming the mind.

What’s better – Indica or Sativa?

There is no standard answer for that. Besides Indica and Sativa, there is another category called hybrids, which are somewhere in between and have both these strains as parents. The traits of hybrids depend on the parent strains used for production. The information may seem overwhelming to some people, but the idea is to understand why you are using medical marijuana in the first place. If you are not sure of how to use or select strains, visit stores or dispensaries like, where budtenders can help with the choices. If you don’t want to complicate all of that, just go to the right dispensary and share what kind of effect you want from the strain. In all fairness, cannabis is not as simple to understand, and it is necessary to consider the fact that we are talking of chemical compounds here. Both THC and CBD work in different ways for different people. For some patients, high THC and lower CBD works better, while others just need the high effect that THC provides.

Understanding various marijuana products

Besides medical marijuana, a lot of states, 10 to be precise, have also legalized cannabis for recreational purposes. As such, interest of people in varied strains has only increased with time. Today, you will find many dispensaries, where budtenders offer considerable information to patients, so that they can understand what strain works best for them. If you are not a fan of smoking, you can go for edibles, as well. The choice between Indica and Sativa would have been easier, provided hybrids didn’t come in the picture. The idea is to understand the strains, and it is next to impossible to decide everything in just one visit to the dispensary. Of course, the budtenders come handy, but often for many patients, it is all about discovering and trying different hybrids.

Visiting a dispensary for strains

If you want to buy strains and medical marijuana, the first obvious step is to find a dispensary near you. Many of the known dispensaries have their own online portals, so you can find a lot of information related to the products they sell. Note that you have limited time when you see the budtender, so make sure that you have the questions ready. Talk to the professionals and find more on how different strains can be consumed. It is also important to consider if the particular strain, especially hybrids, are going to be available on a continuous basis, because you would want to have access to it.

Exploring the different dominating effects of strains

While there is no denying that Indica and Sativa have different levels of THC and CBD, the effects of marijuana are pretty close. Here is a close look at the dominating effects of both these strains/

  • Indica is often considered to product what’s called a ‘body high’. It basically makes you feel calm and easy, so you want to probably go to sleep or simply remain on the couch. Indica is considered for its sedative effect, and therefore, it is meant for conditions where both the mind and body need to relax. Also, it is great for minimizing other effects, such as nausea and vomiting, and it also offers relief from physical pain and aches. Indica works well for boosting appetite too and can reduce spasms. Indica is best used at night or you are actually ready to call it a day.
  • Sativa is known for the ‘head high’ that the strain offers, and it is one of the best choices for treating physiological disorders. It is often helpful for calming the mind and reducing depression, but without inducing sleep – a trait that’s more associated with Indica. The use of Sativa for reducing anxiety is debated to fair, because in some users, it has been known to increase the same. Sativa strain is great for boosting the feel of being well and can have some effect on reducing headaches. If you want to use sativa, you should be considering it for daytime use. Basically, it doesn’t make you want to sleep.

Pricing and other details

Indica thrives well in colder climates, and this is a much shorter plant, which doesn’t need more time to flower, as mentioned earlier. Indica is grown easily, which is why it is not the most expensive strain. Sativa can be expensive, especially because the plant needs a lot more care. Both CBD and THC has medical benefits, and some people prefer effects of one over the other. Indica strains are not that expensive, but that doesn’t mean that the plant is not useful. With hybrids being available, you need to decode what the strain may do for your medical condition.

Final word

Do not take medical marijuana for granted. Responsible use of marijuana is extremely important, no matter whether you want to use Indica or Sativa. It is a great idea to check at a dispensary as what strains they have, and many people do swear by pure strains, while others have a thing for hybrids. It may take a considerable period of time to find a cannabis strain that works ideally for your health condition, but do stick to the dosage and how the use has been recommended by your doctor.

Selected well, Indica and Sativa strains might be useful for a variety of health conditions, especially for mood-related disorder. Take your time to consider the price and other aspects, but it’s wise to not compromise on a strain for the tag alone.

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