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Why do you need to protect your eyes during the pandemic?

While wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer has become the new normal, there is one more thing we are not putting much emphasis on – ‘the increased screen time’.

One thing that many of us have in abundance in this lockdown is time. Whether we have to work from home or have online lessons, everything is being done through digital devices. And when we are free, so many shows and movies are waiting for us to binge watch with our new Netflix subscription.

But, do you ever wonder what all this screen time is capable of doing to your eyes? Probably not. You probably don’t even know that your eye health has gone worse and you need glasses.

For starters, your digital devices emit high-energy blue light whose extensive exposure can impair your retinal health negatively. Secondly, spending long hours in front of digital screens invites a lot of physical discomforts and health issues. Let’s know about this problem in detail.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum and has short wavelengths that produce high-energy rays. As it has short wavelengths, it is scattered easily on the digital screen and your eyes struggle to focus when you are looking at your computer or laptop.

Blue light is present in the environment and the biggest source of it is the sun. When this light is coming from a natural source, it is extremely beneficial. It helps in elevating our mood and signals our body to be alert or to sleep. The internal clock in our system takes cues from the outside environment to regulate our sleep/wake cycle.

However, when we are exposed to an artificial source of the blue light, it interferes with our internal clock and messes our sleep/wake cycle. Several scientific studies have also shown that blue light exposure in the night blocks the production of melatonin hormone that signals our body to go to sleep.

So, blue light doesn’t only have negative effects on your eyes but your sleeping pattern as well.

How to block blue light?

One easy solution would be to give up your digital devices altogether. But we know that’s not possible and you would need another solution. How about blue light blocking glasses?

These glasses are made with advanced technology and have blue light coating on their lenses. They filter about 99% of blue light and keep it from penetrating your eyes.

If you wear reading glasses, you can add this coating on your lenses and get the best of both worlds. If you search online, you can find these glasses in cool frames so your glasses don’t give out a boring vibe.

Here is what else you can do:

  • You can practice the 20/20/20 vision rule. If you have been looking at your digital screen for about 20 minutes, take the focus away from your screen and look at an object that is 20 feet away from you. Hold the focus for 20 seconds and repeat this activity after every 20 minutes.
  • Adjust the brightness on your digital screen. If you are sitting in a brightly lit room, don’t dim your screen light. However, if the room is slightly dim, bright screen light will put more stress on your eyes.
  • Blink often when you are using a digital screen. Blinking will lubricate your eyes and the thin film of tears will not allow the blue light to penetrate your eyes.
  • Make sure that the source of light is not placed behind you. If it happens, the light will reflect on your screen and cause glare. This glare will block your eyes from having a clear view and your eyes will have to work extra hard to see clearly on your laptop screen.
  • Take regular time off from your screen. For instance, if you have been blasting your eyes with blue light for 50 minutes, take a break of 10 minutes to give your eyes some time to change the focus. Don’t make your eye muscles work extra hard. Give them time to relax.

We hope you now know why you need to take special care of your eyes during the lockdown. You don’t have to step out to buy your blue light glasses. You can buy glasses frames online with blue light lenses and give your eyes the best type of screen protection there is.

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