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Why Invest in A Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer can turn your mains supply into antioxidant drinking water, providing you with a delicious source of refreshment which can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is more to it than that however, so let’s looks at five reasons why an increasing number of Americans are investing in a water ionizer.

The taste speaks for itself
With such a huge range of choice when it comes to thirst-quenching drinks, it’s not surprising that our tap supply is often overlooked. Water is vital for our good health and better hydration is what we all strive to achieve, but if you don’t like how it tastes it can be difficult. When you try micro-clustered water, however, that will all change. It has a softer, fresher and more natural taste than bottled or tap and you can also use it in cooking to improve flavor.

Water is good for you
It is far easier for our bodies to absorb minerals from water than food and even the World Health Organization has suggested we should be getting 20% of our magnesium and calcium from it!

You can save money with a water ionizer
In the past, people only had the option of drinking bottled water if they wanted an alternative to their mains supply. The main problem with this solution is the expense, especially in comparison to a water ionizer which can produce gallons each day for a fraction of the price. From drinking to bathing, cooking and cleaning, it’s always there when you need it and you won’t have to worry about running out. If you are tired of paying over the odds and you don’t want to keep carrying home heavy bottles from the store, a water ionizer is ideal.

Unwanted particles and toxins are removed
A mains supply can contain harmful elements like chlorine and even lead, but when it is safely filtered these are captured in the water ionizer. You can buy a unit which includes an active charcoal filter, designed to sift out impurities before they even reach the electrolysis stage. Alternatively, choose a unit based on the issue you have, be it copper contamination or fluoride, to ensure you only drink the purest alkaline ionized water.

You’ll be doing your bit for the environment
Plastic pollution is a real problem in terms of marine health, and a vast number of empty bottles litter our seas and oceans. These are not just unsightly, they also poison the animals which attempt to eat them and when plastic is ingested by fish, particles may even end up on our plates. By purchasing a water ionizer to take care of all your household needs, you are becoming part of the solution. Just buy a refillable bottle and you have a portable supply whenever and wherever it’s needed.

At Filkaline we provide details on all the different types of water ionizers and give you the information you need to select the perfect unit for your home.

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