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Why Massage Intake Forms Are Beneficial To Your Massage Therapy Business

Massage therapists in many different fields, including chiropractic, naturopathic and physical rehabilitation use intake forms to collect important health information in order to better serve their patients. These questions aid them in assessing the current state of their patient’s health and help in planning a course that will meet the individual’s needs.

Massage intake forms are also beneficial for massage therapists. They provide an opportunity to distinguish themselves by collecting information about their patients and breaking barriers between the therapist and the patient. However, not every massage therapist has the opportunity to collect this data. Here’s how you can create an intake form that is both beneficial for your business and your clients.

Why do therapists use intake forms?

Many therapists don’t collect data regarding their clients because of privacy concerns. Even if the client is willing to share their health information, some therapists don’t think it’s necessary to do so. However, this information is crucial to the treatment and outcome of many massage therapy sessions.

Some clients don’t want to share this information, which prevents the therapist from doing their job. These clients would rather that their therapist perform “miracle cures” rather than perform a practical, evidence-based technique that will work with their personal goals. However, when using an intake form, massage therapists can collect this information in a confidential manner and use it to better direct their massage therapy efforts.

What information should be included on a massage therapy intake form?

A massage therapy intake form should be customized to the massage therapist. This means that each massage therapist should design their own form which complements the goals of their massage therapy practice.

These forms are primarily used to gather information about the client’s health history, physical characteristics and current physical condition. They also allow the therapist to inquire about allergies and intolerances to specific types of treatments.

How to make a good massage therapy intake form for your business

Before you start designing your massage therapy intake form, first learn how important this information is. There’s a reason that health insurance companies require patients to give information about themselves. It’s also beneficial for clients to provide this information to the massage therapist. This should never be an afterthought or something you don’t consider until later.

Obtaining information about the client is essential for therapists. You should be gathering as much information as you can before your first appointment and asking important questions during the massage session.

You can also use these forms as an opportunity to educate your clients about massage therapy and drill down what they are actually looking to gain from their massage therapy sessions.


Massage therapy intake forms are beneficial to massage therapy businesses because they serve as a tool that helps the therapist to see their client’s healthcare concerns and goals. They are also useful for the clients, as they give their providers the opportunity to better understand the type of treatment they need and are looking for.

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