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Why More People are Turning to Alternative Medicine During the Pandemic

The year 2020 is one stressful year. The coronavirus pandemic served the world with the new normal. Even as we embrace the New Year, here we are still fighting the crisis. Armed with a face mask and hand sanitizer, we try to live our daily lives social distancing and with fear in our hearts. This made us rethink how we live our lives each day. And to be honest, virtually everyone is anxious and stressed-out.

As we try to cope with the added stress and anxiety, more people are turning to alternative medicine. Many people would rather explore other ways to reduce their pandemic stress and anxiety instead of seeing the pros. One of which are alternative medicines.

Why Alternative Medicine Use Surged Mid-pandemic

People can have varying reasons why they chose alternative medicine when addressing their anxiety and stress. During the pandemic, most people’s stress and anxiety levels skyrocketed. Some lost a loved one, others got sick while most are afraid of the consequences if they ever get the virus.

Many people are now trying to live through a financial setback. Others are experiencing burned out from trying to balance work, childcare, and a whole lot of other responsibilities. Some people are even having relationship problems brought about by the new normal.

To deal with their stress and anxiety, many are now using alternative therapies. Some of the favorites are aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, and naturotherapy. There are also some that turned to what used to be controversial tactics like CBD oil, homeopathy, chiropractic treatment.

Many are now using alternative medicine instead of traditional medicine in dealing with stress and anxiety are because of the following reasons.

  • Some Are Effective in Dealing With Stress and Anxiety

There is alternative medicine are known to be effective in helping lessen anxiety and stress levels. Studies suggest that cannabidiol products, for example, can help patients suffering from insomnia and chronic. Since most people with high levels of stress and anxiety can have a hard time sleeping and cause pain, this can be a great alternative to lower the symptoms.

Acupuncture is also considered generally safe only if performed by the right professional using the right tools. Since we can consider some alternative medicines to be safe and effective, people chose these instead of regular treatments and interventions.

  • Some Are Compatible With Their Values, Worldviews, and Opinions

Everyone has their own opinions, values, and worldviews. Some have no problem receiving medical treatment and the necessary interventions just to treat and deal with their condition. But for others, their values will dictate many things, including how they deal with their health.

Some people have a great interest in spirituality. Others have great commitments when it comes to environmentalism. When traditional medicine counters one’s belief, it is possible for them to reject regular treatment and turn to alternative ways to deal with their issues.

  • This Gives Them a Better Sense of Autonomy and Control

There are people who want to be in control of every aspect of their life. If they think they are starting to lose control, they can experience greater anxiety and stress. Knowing you have the option to choose which intervention you can commit to can give you a sense of autonomy and control.

  • They Are Dissatisfied With Traditional Treatment Regimes

There are people who have a growing dissatisfaction with the healthcare system. During the pandemic, many are afraid to visit their doctor or go to hospitals for fear of getting exposed to the virus. There are also those who are no longer happy with the kind of traditional treatment they are receiving, thus their decision to try alternative medicine.

  • They Get to Enjoy a More Tailored Treatment

Most healthcare professionals don’t spend much time talking to their patients. With the number of patients coming in and out of their doors each day, it is easy for them to miss small but important details. This can contribute to a patient’s dissatisfaction.

But when it comes to alternative therapists, they often make sure to listen to their patients. With their more holistic approach, they are able to make people feel more heard and seen. This helps add more value to each session while creating a more tailored approach in dealing with their problems.

Alternative Medicines to fight Covid-19?

Some people are combining traditional and alternative medicine to fight COVID-19. Even though some practices already exist for many centuries now, no studies can prove their effectiveness against the 2019 novel coronavirus. Experts warn that some of these can actually do more harm than good.

In China, several herbal medicines are being used on a case-to-case basis to relieve certain symptoms. In India, they use Ayurveda. It is important to note that no studies are available that prove alternative medicine can do more than help one deal with pandemic stress and anxiety.

Alternative medicine may help in reducing your stress and anxiety amidst the Covid-19 crisis. But it is crucial that we do enough research before we embrace any alternative medicine. Not everyone can safely start herbal treatment without repercussions. If you have an underlying condition, it is always the best choice to consult with your doctor first.

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