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Why You Should Be Using Ahcc?

The usage of mushroom preparations for immune assistance has a long tradition, and worldwide sales of mushroom goods are valued at $9 billion. Activated hexose associated compound (AHCC) is a Basidiomycetes mushroom enzyme-fermented product that is used as a dietary supplement.

Is AHCC Right for you?

Disease of the Inflammatory Bowel

AHCC showed potential when it comes to managing inflammatory bowel disease. A research published in 2014 showed that AHCC has a beneficial impact on colitis powered by lymphocytes in mice.

The researchers say that these observations imply that in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, AHCC can have positive anti-inflammatory effects.


  • Ten HPV-positive women were treated orally for up to six months with an extract of AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) almost everyday. Five, with the other two respondents continuing the analysis, produced a negative HPV test result — three with verified eradication after stopping AHCC.
  • AHCC is a natural source which is widely accessible and acts to boost the innate immune system. Human and preclinical experiments have shown that AHCC raises the amount and/or function of Natural Killer ( NK ) cells, dendritic cells and cytokines that support the body fend off infection and block the development of tumours.

Can HPV Infections be treated with AHCC?

Within around two years, HPV frequently vanishes from Pap test records, sometimes without any care. Although in most situations this situation exists, it doesn’t necessarily appear like that.

The virus persists latently in certain cases of HPV infections, and emerges several years after. The diseases never really get cured in these situations, and HPV ends up remaining for a long time. In individuals with compromised immune systems the body has an especially challenging time adapting to the virus. The risk for more severe effects grows as the infection continues, leading to the prevalence of cervical cancer, genital warts and other problems.

AHCC is a cultivated extract of medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots) of different species. It has an immune-stimulating function enabling it to aid the body remove the virus. By growing the amount and activation of natural killer cells and other immune cells, this extract improves immune function.

The efficacy of AHCC:

The efficacy of AHCC in the management of several critical diseases, such as head and neck cancer, liver cancer, and HPV-positive cervical cancer, has been studied in over 30 human clinical studies. The findings of these experiments have been so remarkable that AHCC has been reviewed by several of the most respected universities across the globe.

A pilot research at Houston’s University of Texas Health Science Center tracked ten HPV-positive people who took 3 grams of AHCC every everyday for 3 months and up to 6 months. 50 percent of the females tested negative for HPV after the trial. These findings are remarkably promising given that there is no treatment for the disease at present.

What you need to know when searching for AHCC Supplements?

  • AHCC nutrients are to be purchased in several healthy food retailers and online. Combinations of AHCC and other chemicals or additives are mostly tablets or soft gels. Doses vary from or greater than 300 mg to 750 mg.
  • Be sure to inform a surgeon if you are contemplating using AHCC on a chronic illness. Self-treatment of AHCC with a recurrent illness and neglect or interruption in standard care may have severe implications.

Additionally, when purchasing the vitamins, use suggested activities. The National Institutes of Health ( NIH) advises that you check for a mark on the food you are purchasing for Supplement Facts. This mark may include essential details, including the sum of active ingredients per portion, and whether or not the substance has additional added ingredients such as fillers, binders, and flavourings.

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