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Why You Should Drink Protein After Your Workout

Calling all people in the fitness world. If you are wanting to look after your health and keep your body looking mint, then you should definitely be considering protein powder!

Protein powder is a critical ingredient in helping your muscles grow strong, make your body look lean, and increase your energy levels and recovery rate. Honestly, it is no surprise that the wellness world loves protein powder!

But just because protein powder is loved by many does not mean that we all know how to use it properly! Protein powder does not just magically work. It takes discipline, commitment, and consistency in order for it to work its true magic on you.

Protein powder works because of how milk is broken down and decompartmentalized. Virtually all of the fats and carbs are eliminated, and the proteins are captured in the purest form possible. It is because of this that protein powder is able to help your body actually maximize the digestion of proteins and amino acids within. It doesn’t just improve your athletic performance, it helps your health in general and every single person can benefit from it.

There are many types of protein powders that you can choose from. They all offer a pure form of protein, but each is digested differently by the body. For example, whey protein is able to be absorbed extremely quickly, which is why this type of protein is ideal for recovery. But then ones like casein and egg protein take a lot longer for the body to absorb, sometimes taking hours for the full effects to kick in.

Every person has different needs and different reasons for taking protein powder. One of the most common reasons for taking protein powder is to enhance the benefits of working out. We are going to focus on why it is important to consume protein after workout and the benefits it can provide you with.

  1.     Protein is essential for developing muscles

Science has proven it, muscles are key to helping you build muscles! There really is no point in destroying your body in the gym with all the heavy lifting if you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of your hard work! Let’s dive into a quick little science update on what protein actually does for your muscles. To build muscles, your body needs around 20 different amino acids. But your body is not able to make all of these amino acids on their own. In fact, it is up to us and our nutrition to deliver nearly half of the essential amino acids to our body—and this is where protein comes into play! Protein powder is one of the purest forms of protein you can fuel your body with and deliver these amino acids needed to grow your muscles.

  1.     Protein can be absorbed fast

After a big workout in the gym, you want your body to recover as quickly as possible so you can go just as hard the next day. If you are not able to work hard at the gym, you won’t be able to reach those fitness goals of yours. So just as important as going to the gym is finding time to recover your body. Having a protein shake after your workout allows essential nutrients to be delivered to your body fast so that your body can then begin the recovery process faster. And let’s be honest, protein shakes are easy to make, fast to consume, and sound a whole lot more appealing than having to eat pure protein through a heavy meal.

  1.     Protein increases our energy levels

There has been a lot of research done on protein and the benefits it has for the body. One of the things that they have found is that quality protein consumed by the body actually leads to higher levels of energy for your body as well. This means that even after killing yourself in the gym, drinking protein shakes after the workout will help you recoup all that energy that you had exerted.

  1.     Protein ensures you are hitting your nutrition goals

When we work out hard at the gym, our body uses a lot of nutrients to fuel us through it. However, that means we are often depleted of a lot of necessary nutrients our body still needs after a workout. Drinking a protein shake after exercise is a great way to replenish those nutrients and ensure our body won’t be deprived of fuel to keep our body functioning for the rest of the day. Protein shakes offer us an easy way to refuel on both protein and calories without having to actually eat a whole lot.

Drinking protein shakes after a workout is one of the best things you can do to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. The key is just to be consistent and ensure you’ve got your protein ready for you after every single workout! 

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