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Your Guide to Build a Perfect Hair Care Routine With Coconut Oil

We have often heard that Coconut Oil is good for your hair. Coconut oil is a nourishing oil that strengthens your hair follicles from the inside out and makes your hair look shiny and silky smooth. But, do you know the best way to incorporate cold pressed coconut oil in your daily hair care routine to get the best outcome.

Today, we will be discussing the best ways to incorporate Coconut oil in your hair care routine and its advantages.

Use Coconut Oil as a Protective Pre Shampoo

Using Coconut Oil as a protective measure when shampooing your hair is especially beneficial for women with dry or curly hair. When applying the oil, avoid the scalp and coat your hair strands with coconut oil and leave it for an hour before showering. Rinse the oil using a shampoo and apply conditioner as usual.

Boost your Conditioner

Coconut oil will make your conditioner more nourishing and will give you the perfect after hair wash flow. Saturate your hair with a conditioner and apply a layer of Coconut oil to them. The oil will trap the conditioner and help to hydrate your hair even more. Wait for 15 mins before rinsing off the conditioner and oil.

Boost your Moisturising Cream

This trick will work wonders for women with thick dry hair when applying moisturising cream. After applying moisturising cream, take a little amount of coconut oil and apply it to your hair and dry your hair normally. The oil will trap the cream and help to moisturise individual hair strands.

Easy Detangling

Coconut oil works wonders for knotty and curly hair by making the hair smoother. Section your hair and apply a little amount of Coconut Oil before combing. The oil will make it easier for the comb to flow on your hair by loosening the knots.

Fixing Split Ends and Baby Hair

While Coconut oil won’t fix your split ends or baby hair, it can definitely mask them for an important day. By applying a small amount of Coconut Oil on your hair ends, you can hide the split ends and baby hair temporarily. It is the perfect solution for a lazy day when you have to go out but are not able to go out to a salon to get your hair done.

To Evict Lice Naturally

If your hair, unfortunately, has become a nesting place for oil, Coconut Oil can help you out. Coconut oil is an effective alternative to medicated products and can naturally remove the lice from your hair without harming the scalp or hair.

Get that Extra Shine

If your hair has become dry due to the cold winds or dirt and pollution, Coconut Oil can be your saving grace. Coconut Oil is a great moisturiser and will restore the natural shine of your hair while creating a protective layer against dust and pollution.


Coconut Oil is a great alternative to medical products that may or may not work. Using virgin coconut oil for hair has several benefits and is one of the must-have ingredients in your daily hair care routine. If you’re confused about which coconut oil to purchase, you can go for Coco Soul Virgin Coconut Oil which is from Coco Soul, a 100% natural, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly brand.

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