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Addiction Therapy: 4 Types of Alternative Treatments& Their Benefits

Drug and alcohol addiction is a common menace affecting many people globally. It exhibits many signs and is associated with intense craving. Sadly, quitting is a challenge, and this is why many rehab centers have come up to offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment. These treatment centers combine different treatment options, and alternative therapy is pretty common. It’s a holistic approach to care and offers numerous benefits.

Examples of alternative addiction treatments include:

  1. Exercises 

 A study published by Frontiers in Psychiatry claims that individuals who don’t participate in aerobic exercises regularly are highly likely to abuse drugs. Exercising also minimizes the risk of relapses among recovering addicts. As we all know, physical pursuits offer numerous gains, and addicts aren’t an exception.

Exercising helps improve;

  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Sleep
  • Immunity

It’s an excellent source of distraction for recovering addicts dealing with cravings. It fills up your time, allowing minimal space to feel bored, which can lead to relapses. Although physical exercises offer considerable gains, recovering addicts shouldn’t engage in intense workouts all at once. Therefore, experts from luxury drug rehabs recommend gradual integration to minimize the risk of injuries.

  1. Art& Music therapy

 Art and music therapy helps achieve better treatment results. It allows patients to express themselves in other ways besides talk therapy. Although most people believe you have to be a talented artist to benefit from the treatment, this isn’t true. The focus lies on the creation process and the emotions associated with creating a piece of art or music.

  1. Mindfulness practices

 Mindfulness is yet another helpful therapy in addiction treatment. It involves activities such as yoga and qigong. Can I tell you more? Mindfulness is a unique therapy in that the activities involve the mind and body. These can range from deep breathing and slow controlled movements.

  • Yoga

Yoga is quite popular and incorporates guided movements that help strengthen your body. It focuses on your breathing patterns and relaxation. Ultimately, it helps achieve a feeling of ease and comfort, which is an excellent way of releasing stress and tension.

 How will yoga help?

 -Reducing cravings

– Easing agitation and insomnia associated with detox.

-Stress reduction

  • Qigong 

Qigong combines various therapeutic practices such as choreographed postures, breathing techniques, and mental focus. It involves controlled movements and mindfulness through; guided imagery and positive visualizations. The practice also consists imagining a flow of energy through the body to promote healing.

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a popular Chinese therapy that uses tiny needles on specific body parts. It’s commonly used to treat chronic pain but has many other applications. Nowadays, acupuncture is used in addiction treatment to stimulate specific points, which helps boost relaxation.

These are;

  • Autonomic Point- To promote relaxation and slow the nervous system
  • Shen Men- To reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Kidney Point- To calm fears and heal internal organs
  • Liver Point- To achieve detoxification and reduce anger
  • Lung Point: To ease grief.


Addiction rehabilitation combines various activities and therapies, and alternative treatment is prevalent. It involves multiple practices to help recovering addicts deal with stress and anxiety and resists cravings. You’ll get additional services in luxury facilities, which will improve your likelihood of recovery due to the specialized care offered.

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