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How to Survive the First Month of Your Invisalign Treatment?

Though Invisalign treatment is not a complicated process, if you are going to experience it for the very first time, it could very be challenging for you. Initially, you may face difficulties to involve this in your habits. It might be possible you may forget to wear it on your teeth throughout the day. And sometimes, it is also possible that you feel extremely annoying while wearing and removing it. These things are very common, especially for the first month of the Invisalign treatment. So, you must learn how to survive the first month of your Invisalign treatment.

In this piece of writing, we have compiled a few tips that can help you easily survive the first month of your Invisalign treatment. Let’s explore what those tips are.

Learn the Right Way to Wear and Remove Invisalign

It is easy to wear and remove Invisalign. But, if it’s your first time, experiencing Invisalign treatment, you may face difficulties while wearing and removing it. So, you must learn the right way to wear and remove Invisalign. Normally, the dentists of Invisalign in McKinney voluntarily teach you how to wear and remove Invisalign. Even they help you practice it a few times in the clinic.

Check If Your Invisalign Has Sharp Edges

Your Invisalign may have sharp edges. However, it is very rare. Still, you should check if your Invisalign has sharp edges that can hurt your gums, tongue, and lips. If it has, immediately contact your dentist and ask for a replacement of your Invisalign. Your dentist will check your Invisalign. If he/she thinks that it should be replaced with a new one, he/she will replace it. While on the other hand, if he/she thinks that the sharp edges of your Invisalign can be softened, then he/she will soften them and give your Invisalign back to you.

Do Chewing Practice

To remove the initial discomfort of Invisalign treatment, chewing practice is the best way. The more chewing practice you will do, the more comfortable you will start to feel with Invisalign. So, you should take a chewing eatable and start doing chewing practice with it while wearing your Invisalign. It will certainly help you get used to Invisalign.

Make Sure You Clean Them Properly

Cleaning your Invisalign is very important. You must clean it every day with either lukewarm water or a non-acidic and non-alcoholic cleaning solution. If you don’t know much about cleaning your Invisalign, you must consult with your dentist. He/she will give you some useful tips that you can follow further.

Use Mouth Fresheners and Mouthwashes

You may feel heavy in your jawline, and this thing can compel you to repeatedly open and shut your mouth for adjusting Invisalign. It can dry your mouth, and so you may feel tasteless and thirsty again and again. To avoid these things you should use mouthwash or mouth freshener. It will certainly help you keep you normal.

So, these are some useful tips that can help you survive the first month of your Invisalign treatment. Apart from this, you must consult with your concerned dentist about this. He/she will surely suggest you the best tips.

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