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5 ways Pilates can improve your physical and mental health

Pilates is a training method that helps to exercise your body and mind through balance and resistance movements.

It was created by the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates and today it has become more popular than ever. The method was developed to help improve the health status of other interns while he was working as a concentration camp nurse during World War I. He was able to do that by combining his knowledge of gymnastics, yoga, and traumatology and combining them with relaxation, breathing, and mind control.

Nowadays the Pilates method is known internationally and it is often used as therapy in rehabilitation and as a tool to prevent and cure back pain. With a series of anaerobic exercises, we can strengthen the muscles of our body and increase our flexibility. Also, it helps to maintain a balanced weight even though it is not the main objective of this discipline.

Nowadays, Pilates classes adopt the essential principles of Pilates which are control, concentration, fluidity, precision, breathing, and core. The principle of core refers to a specific area of the body that Joseph Pilates called the core of the force. This area is composed of the muscles of the abdomen, the base of the back, and buttocks. Through the exercise of the core, you can strengthen the rest of your body.

Practicing Pilates can improve your mental and physical health in several ways. If you want to know which are the benefits of Pilates continue reading below.

  1. Know your body in a better way with Pilates

Like Yoga, Pilates helps you to disconnect to reconnect. Thanks to the deep muscle work and breathing control, you get to know your body better, you are more aware of your limitations and what your body is capable of doing.

  1. Find the balance of your body and mind practicing Pilates

Today, the term mindfulness is commonly heard. Mindfulness is a state of consciousness and full attention that is very difficult for us to achieve. Pilates, apart from improving our muscle tone, helps us find moments of relaxation and peace of mind.

  1. Pilates improve your body posture

Working and having a sedentary lifestyle can cause back pain. Pilates exercises help work our back and abdominal muscles, which translates into a more toned body and a greater body posture. With a proper body posture and a toned body, your back pain will be reduced.

  1. Relieves your ailments by practicing Pilates

No matter what is your physical condition, Pilates adapts to every level. All of the exercises of Pilates can be adjusted and adapted to every level. Pilates also helps to strengthen the extremities of the body so it is widely practiced by people with joint or muscle ailments.

  1. Pilates will help you to sleep better

Thanks to the relaxation and mindfulness achieved with Pilates, you will also sleep better. At the same time, we like to mention that by practicing exercise we release endorphins, neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel happy and satisfied.

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