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A Parent’s Checklist For Children’s Oral Health

In order for a child to want to latch on to a habit, they must first be convinced of its importance. As far as the habits of any child goes, the importance of a child’s oral hygiene and the habits that make up that hygiene shouldn’t be understated. Establishing these good dental habits at a young age contribute to maintaining those habits into their adult lives. The ability to form these habits early is what allows children to form similar lasting habits in other parts of their life as well. But just how can parents ensure their children are receiving the coaching they need to foster these habits? It all comes down to consistency. If a child is regularly reminded to brush their teeth at home, the more likely they are to brush their teeth. When parents can place their children into consistent routines, they can more reliably count on a child sticking to those routines on their own. In instances where a parent’s intervention and suggestions aren’t making a difference on a child’s brushing habits, sometimes fear can be a valuable motivator. Regular visits to the dentist office for children who don’t brush regularly tend to be miserable experiences. Unhealthy teeth and gums require a lot of attention and scraping with sharp tools that children tend to fear. If a child’s dentist insists that those tools can be used less assuming a child were to brush better, rest assured a child will certainly take brushing more seriously. Every parent hopes to avoid using fear as the primary motivator in these cases, however, if necessary, they should without remorse. For more information on how to encourage your child in their dental hygiene habits without fear, please read on to the infographic accompanying this post.

A Parent’s Checklist For Children’s Oral Health this resource was contributed by Natomas Crossing Dental Care, your first choice for an emergency dentist in Sacramento

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