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AIS Healthcare Announces Strategic Growth with New AIC Pharmacy in Maryland

On August 14th, AIS Healthcare, a prominent leader in targeted drug delivery and infusion care in the United States and the parent organization of Advanced Infusion Care (AIC), proudly announced the opening of a new pharmacy in Cockeysville, Maryland. This latest development represents the third significant expansion for AIC in a remarkable five-month period, further solidifying its position in the healthcare industry. Before this, AIC had expanded its nursing and in-home care services in the Northeast and revitalized its pharmacy in Valdosta, Georgia, earlier in April, underscoring its commitment to growth and patient care.

AIC President Jud Hall expressed immense satisfaction and excitement in a detailed press release about the new Maryland pharmacy. He emphasized that this expansion reflects AIC’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier healthcare services with a personal touch. Hall articulated that opening this new facility is a strategic move to streamline the medication fulfillment process, boost convenience for patients, and, most importantly, improve the overall quality of life for those under AIC’s care.

The Maryland pharmacy marks an essential milestone for AIC, being the sixth operational facility from which the company can dispense necessary medications and provide personalized care to patients grappling with complex medical needs. This expansion isn’t just a physical growth of facilities; it represents AIC’s deepening commitment to enhancing the availability and quality of healthcare services across different regions.

This announcement arrived hot on the heels of another significant expansion of AIC’s services into New England, covering states like Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This move marked a considerable step in strengthening AIC’s presence in the Northeastern United States. Hall further noted that this expansion into New England is not just about geographical growth but also about enhancing the capacity of AIC’s talented team of infusion nurse specialists to support a broader spectrum of patients. He emphasized the team’s goal to meet each individual’s specific clinical and personal needs, thereby driving improved health outcomes for all patients under their care.

This series of expansions by AIC began in April with the opening of a newly designed pharmacy in Valdosta, Georgia. According to Hall, this facility was set to enhance AIC’s industry-leading regulatory compliance, quality, and operational flow. This, in turn, would facilitate sustained growth and allow the company to branch out into new markets, thereby increasing its capacity to serve more patients effectively. Hall also mentioned that the new facility would expand production capabilities and boost staff efficiency, contributing to the company’s overall operational excellence.

The significance of AIC’s expansion extends beyond the corporate level; it brings good news for patients who rely on the provider’s infusion care treatments to manage their immunodeficiencies and other complex health conditions. AIC specializes in treating a range of primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders. Many patients suffering from these conditions struggle with debilitating symptoms and require consistent immunoglobulin therapy to maintain their immune systems and effectively combat infections.

With its recent expansion into New England, AIC can offer people localized access to infusion care and bespoke treatment options. This includes providing 24/7 access to a dedicated clinical and support staff team. The staff team, comprising clinical pharmacists, intake managers, and infusion nurse specialists, provides in-home infusion care, self-infusion training, and infusion pump training.

AIC’s team of medical professionals works closely with patients to provide the best possible care, a commitment reflected in the company’s impressive 99% satisfaction rate for in-home care and 97% of patients reporting high adherence to their medication regimens. The quality of AIS Healthcare’s services, including AIC’s pharmacy and nursing services, has been recognized by top independent industry accreditors such as URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), further highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence.

The expansion of AIC into more regions means that patients now have increased access to various treatment options and a trusted and accredited partner to work with for safe and effective medication delivery. Considering that 80% of those living with primary immunodeficiencies worldwide lack access to adequate healthcare, AIC’s expansion has the potential to be a game-changer, potentially life-saving for many.

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