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Aptihealth Brings Accessible Mental Health Services to New York State Residents

Living in the United States, it is easy to see how vital access to good mental and physical health services can be. Finding the right mental health services can lead to healing from stress and trauma and a renewed chance at personal and professional growth. According to most reports, nearly 20% of adults in the United States have reported dealing with mental health events in the past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of telehealth that has only grown in the intervening years since the pandemic ended. Along the way, discussions on mental health have only increased in volume and importance.

Aptihealth is one part of the larger healthcare ecosystem as it offers patients throughout New York State access to mental health services.

Why Are Mental Health Services Stigmatized?

Mental health services haven’t been the easiest to discuss, particularly for adults in the United States. According to a study in the United States, nearly a third of the population reported worrying about seeking mental health services because they would be judged.

There are several reasons why mental health services have taken a while to become more widespread, including:

  • Exorbitant Wait / Drives – Nearly 96 million Americans had to wait several weeks to access mental health services. Most data suggest that the average wait time for mental health help is around six weeks. Rural residents often don’t even bother looking for help as they are often too far from clinical support.
  • Social Stigmas – Alluding to what we discussed above, nearly a third of the population in the United States felt that they would be judged should they seek mental health support.
  • Low Affordability – Mental health services haven’t always been included in the larger conversation on healthcare. Recent federal mandates have made mental healthcare more accessible and affordable than before.

How Can Aptihealth Make a Difference?

Founded in 2017, Aptihealth exists within the larger healthcare ecosystem. Working directly with residents throughout New York State, Aptihealth delivers assistance in a virtual-first setting that places patients at the center of the conversation. Partnering with health plans and health systems, Aptihealth focuses on a comprehensive approach to mental health support.

Aptihealth hopes to continue growing in the coming years as more and more patients enjoy

  • Increased Digital Adoption – A 30% increase in digital tech applications for mental health care underscores increased digital adoption.
  • Better Insurance – Federal mandates have led to more coverage for mental health services, something Aptihealth embraces.
  • Reduced Stigmas – More people than ever are openly discussing their mental health, dramatically reducing social stigmas.

Find support with a mental health provider from the comfort of your home. Residents of New York State over the age of 5 can contact a personal care provider at Aptihealth to learn more.

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