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Home Remedies for Hair Fall in Summer

Summer is the favourite season for most people as we can venture out and have fun. However, do you know that you can lose a lot of hair during summer due to the dry air and strong UV rays? Moreover, the sweat and dirt accumulated on your scalp can weaken your hair follicles, causing hair breakage.

Hair loss is common during the summer, and you shouldn’t stress about it as we have curated a few home remedies to minimise hair fall. From using natural products to using coconut oil for hair fall, we have got it all.

Using Natural Home Products for DIY Packs

Nothing can substitute the prowess of natural home products that surpass any chemical-based products’ benefits. These natural products will not only reduce hair fall but also fight off dandruff, heal damaged hair and split ends. One of the best natural products to use is pure coconut oil from Coco Soul, a 100% natural oil, a product from the makers of Parachute Oil. The oil is rich in nutrition and is essential for the hair. Coconut oil can enrich your hair with protein to have shiny and bouncy hair.

Apart from Coconut oil, extracts from Amla also have several advantages and will help moisturise hair and treat damaged hair.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is extremely important to strengthen your hair from within. A balanced diet with plenty of nutrients such as proteins and vitamins will strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair fall significantly. You should incorporate nuts such as almonds and walnuts, green leafy vegetables, yellow papers, oysters, eggs, sweet potatoes and Avocados in your diet for the best results.

Moreover, while eating a healthy diet, eating regularly at proper intervals is also vital for the best effects.


One cannot stress enough the benefits of keeping yourself hydrated during the summers. As we sweat, we become dehydrated, and our hair becomes dry and brittle. By drinking plenty of water, you will not only keep yourself hydrated but also avoid problems such as the dry and itchy scalp, which results in hair fall.

Ideally, you should drink at least six glasses of water every day, which will help to flush all the toxins out and keep your hair fresh and healthy.

Oil Massages

While during summers, your scalp produces excess hair oil, it isn’t healthy and can block up your hair follicles, causing accumulation of dirt. Massaging your hair with warm oil such as coconut oil will nourish your hair and scalp, remove dirt and pollutants and help you to relax. Massaging itself stimulates blood flow which strengthens your hair, and using a natural oil will add to the benefits.

For the best results, you should oil massage your hair thrice a week to quickly strengthen your hair and see amazing results.

Fruit Extracts

Nature has several benefits in store for you, and natural ingredients such as Aloe vera juice can reduce hair fall tremendously. During the summers, our scalp becomes dry because of the heat, which results in hair breakage. Aloe vera has several benefits and is an A-grade natural product for hair care. The plant will not only reduce hair fall but also ensure a lustrous and gorgeous mane.

These are some of the natural home remedies that you can use to reduce hair fall in summer.

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