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Methamphetamine is a stimulant that has existed for the longest time. It does not occur naturally; instead, it is synthetic. The drug is often for losing weight and easing depression. The only legal meth product is the tablet used to treat obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Crystal meth contains pseudoephedrine, a constituent that eases congestion. The rush that meth gives people causes them to be addicts from the start since dopamine floods sections of the brain which regulate pleasurable feelings.

Consumption of this drug is in numerous ways: oral consumption, snorting, smoking, and the intravenous way. The intravenous route is usually known as shooting up, and it is the method of ingestion that addicts regularly use. Shooting meth produces quicker and a robust high compared to other ways. The feeling of the rush associated with ingesting meth will happen within seconds of shooting meth, and the person will have a euphoric rush that only lasts for a couple of minutes. Adrenaline soon follows, and it will move within the body, giving an energy-based high that lasts as long as eight hours afterward.

When shooting meth, effects are intense and instant hence the quick development and increase in strong addiction of the substance. An increase in the dependency on the drug causes the body to tolerate a gradual increase in doses, meaning that they have to consume alarming amounts of meth for them to feel the same high. These vast amounts being ingested in the body will damage the body and the user’s mind, and the possibility of death is looming.

Meth greatly influences the brain and body, and symptoms are always there if you are willing to look.  If you have some concern that someone is abusing meth, you could identify symptoms so that you can request or suggest help. These symptoms are:

  • Loss of interest in their life

When one begins to lose interest in the goings of their precious life, the user is revealing signs of meth addiction. Once addicted, one sets aside hobbies, professional goals, relations, and focus will only be on shooting meth. The prominence in which meth will have taken over their lives will seem as though it has become a recreational activity since their thoughts and feelings change.

  • Tweaking

Periods of insomnia and uneasiness, which stay for 3 to 15 days, are referred to as tweaking. Tweaking occurs when a user cannot attain a high or adrenaline rush at the end of a drug binge. Some psychological effects caused by meth, such as irritability, confusion, and fear, happen after tweaking; hence the need to use the drug arises again.

  • The crash phase

Within this period of the crash phase, the body is experiencing low amounts of dopamine that meth was supplying, and hence extreme fatigue follows. The crash phase could last 1 to 3 days and is eminent by intense cravings, depression, and long sleep times. Therapy, rehabilitation, and support groups

Meth is life-threatening and very addictive. You may need to communicate with a person who shows signs of meth abuse, the crucial need to get unique and professional aid. Meth addicts can withstand and attain abstinence if they find good support groups, therapy, and rehabilitation.

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