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5 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Hypnobirthing Practice

The fear of experiencing labor pains has driven many women to start embracing hypnobirthing when the delivery time comes. This method is believed to be an easier and pain-free birthing.

However, hypnobirthing is not that easy as many think. It needs time, practice, and patience. But, if you’re preparing yourself for hypnobirthing, these simple steps can help you nail it.

Positive Affirmations

Before you even start your hypnobirthing practice, you need to believe in yourself. You must believe that you can do it and never underestimate yourself.

Never allow someone to discourage or tell you it doesn’t work. How about you associate yourself with those who’ve gone through the birthing process successfully and get positive assurance instead?

Remember, how you feel reflects on your baby. You can consider collecting some positive affirmation MP3 to play for your baby bump. The best time to listen to some positive music is when you’re bathing, preparing dinner, or doing your favorite activity.

Set Aside Time for Practice

If you believe that hypnobirthing is all you want and nothing else, you’re going to have to give it your all.

Schedule the practice sessions in your calendar and make sure you don’t miss a single session. You can set aside at least 20 minutes of your time every day to practice and prepare yourself fully.

Don’t let a day go without doing a couple of relaxation techniques or massage practice. The best time to schedule is in the morning hours before you get too tired. Let go of that practice of postponing because that means you’ll be skipping a lot.

Start Slow and Improve with Time

When you’re just in your early months of pregnancy, start practicing hypnobirthing techniques. Start by reading books and learning about hypnobirthing, so you know what it entails.

 Practice at least once a week at the start, go to two times a week, and gradually increase the time you approach your due date.

You can never hear someone complaining that they did too much practice or were over-prepared. But it’s common to hear someone claiming that they were not prepared enough.

So if you’re going to pay to attend hypnobirthing classes, you have to make them work by doing your best.

Read Books and Watch Videos with Your Spouse

Schedule time in a week when you can relax with your partner to read books or watch videos about hypnobirthing together.

You can take turns reading specific chapters or parts of your books while in bed and make it lively. Collect some positive birth videos that you can relax and watch together.

Don’t pay attention to all the drama on TV about childbirth.

Practice Daily Breathing

Breathing deeply and calmly is not an easy thing to master, but when your hypnobirthing is approaching, you have to do it.

If your labor time comes and you’ve not done any breathing practice, it won’t be easy for you.

Painless birth starts by making breathing your basic foundation. If you master the breathing techniques, you’ll clear your head of all the stress and the fear.

Calm breathing will also be of much help to your postnatal life.

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