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How to Keep Your Hair Strong and Healthy

We all want to have beautiful and healthy strands of hair. Somehow something always seems to get in the way to obtain our goal. There are so many products and home remedies that we don’t even know where to begin. The first thing you need to do is get to know your hair is it oily, dry or damaged by dyeing it too much. Knowing these issues will let you have a much better understanding of what your hair needs. The tips below will help achieve stronger and healthier hair. Since we know that our hair is very important these tips will help you achieve your hair goals, so here are a few tips on how to keep your hair strong and healthy. 

Don’t use too much shampoo: Washing your hair is very important, its how you are able to get rid of excess oils and dirt. Shampooing your hair every day can cause damage to your hair. Unless you have very oily hair you should be washing your hair two to three times a week instead of every day. We recommend that you use a quarter size amount of shampoo to lather your hair. When you are washing your hair its also best to only wash and massage your scalp leaving your strands of hair to be rinsed out and washed as you wash off the shampoo with water. You also want to gently massage your scalp doing back and forth movements with your fingers as aggressively rubbing your scalp can lead to loss of hair. 

Give yourself a scalp massage: One of the most relaxing things you can give yourself is a scalp massage. By giving yourself a scalp massage you are helping blood circulation in your scalp and may help increase hair thickness and strength over time. We recommend that you use your favorite oil, like coconut, argan, or olive oil to really help with the massage. You can give yourself a massage by doing circular motions and applying pressure to your scalp. There are also scalp massagers and these little tools have brush-like features that gently exfoliate and massage your scalp. With the scalp massage brush, you can use it in the shower as well to help clean and exfoliate your scalp. 

Do a cool rinse: When you shower with really hot water you can actually be causing heat damage to your hair. When you are in the shower the steam from the water causes your hair follicles to open up and are very prone to breakage as this is their most vulnerable state. We recommend for you to try and shower with warm water and end it with a cold splash of water on your hair to seal up the follicles in your hair so they can retain moisture. When your hair follicles seal and retain moisture your hair will have less frizz as a result of a smother hair follicle which will also give it the appearance of extra shine.

Reduce heat styling tools on your hair. We all love using heat styling tools because it makes our life easier. When you are on the go and need to dry our hair fast or we need to curl our hair for a special event perhaps we need to straighten our hair because we have way too much frizz, whatever the reason is try to reduce the amount of heat styling tools you are killing your hair! Too much heat can weaken your hair, make it brittle and frizzy. Your hai contains hydrogen bonds and keratin. When you use heat styling tools they strip away your hair of natural oils by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. You can reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair to help with this issue or you can use a heat protector on your hair. 

Do a hair mask: Part of growing healthy hair is to keep your air nourished while it’s growing. Giving yourself a hair mask at least twice a month will improve the quality of your hair. There are a lot of hair masks for every type of hair. We recommend that you use one that fits your hair description. For instance, if your hair is oily consider doing a mak with apple cider vinegar if your hair is dry, try using egg yolks or mayonnaise to restore moisture to your hair. Adding hair oil when your hair is damp is also a good way to keep the moisture locked in. 

Add more vitamins to your diet: Your hair is made up of proteins and keratin which means that whatever food you eat it will most likely end up in your hair. When you add more vitamins and minerals to your diet it will show on your hair. You can also take some vitamin supplements with your diet. The most important vitamins and minerals that show up in your hair are these. 

Vitamin A: Dark leafy vegetables, carrots, and pumpkin.

Biotin/Vitamin B: Salmon, eggs, red meat.

Vitamin C: Tomatoes, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin D: Fatty fish, salmon, tuna, cheese, eggs.

Vitamin E: Avocados, spinach, almonds.

Iron: Beans, lentils, whole grain foods. 

Zinc: Chickpeas, red meat, milk products. 

Eating healthy food enriched in these vitamins and minerals will help your hair grow stronger and healthier after all you are what you eat. 

Now that you know what it takes to grow your hair adding these tips to your daily routine will help you achieve that beautiful luscious hair that you have always dreamed of. Keeping your hair with its natural oils as long as possible is an important key to healthy hair. When you stripe away the oils by washing it too much or damaging it with the heat you are only causing your hair harm. Try using heat styling tools less and add more vitamin-enriched food to your diet for the best results in growing your hair healthy and strong.

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