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Myths about Probiotic supplements that need to be debunked

The very term ‘bacteria’ stirs so much of negative attention; since we all know so many species of bacteria cause diseases. However, with the help of dedicated scientists who have been researching and experimenting for years, it has come to the limelight that bacteria are actually of two types- good bacteria and bad bacteria. While bad bacteria cause a number of diseases, good bacteria, also known as probiotics help in regulating health in various ways.

While the biggest myth about bacteria has been debunked, there still are some tinny tiny myths about probiotics and probiotic supplements that need to be debunked. Here’s a list of those myths.

Probiotics have an instant effect

One of the biggest myths that absolutely need to be debunked is that these wonder supplements work overnight. While probiotics definitely are wonder supplements, they take their own sweet time to have a good impact on your health. It takes time for these good bacteria to enter your system, reproduce, and colonize to restore the right balance of them. However, once they colonize, they are there to stay. Acidophilus is a probiotic that is most useful when it comes to retaining them. Acidophilus health benefits include the ability of them to stay in the gut for a very long time.

They die if not refrigerated

It is true that bacteria need a favorable environment, and they are sensitive to heat. However, in a bottle of bacteria, all bacteria don’t die as they are exposed to heat. Also, most of them can make it through room temperature. Many of the brands, today, also use certain techniques that stabilize bacteria in a way that they can survive even without being refrigerated.

All the probiotics have the same effect

When buying probiotic supplements, most people are unaware of what kind of probiotic supplement they should be buying. There are hundreds of probiotic species. And each strain of probiotics has their own significant function. If you are looking for a probiotic supplement to help you in regulating the pH levels of your gut, you can’t expect just about any strain to help you with it. You have to do your own research, consult with a doctor, and find out which probiotic strain would be most helpful and most specific for your problem.

Probiotics should only be taken when you have a stomach disturbance

As already mentioned, probiotics take their time in having an impact. This means, you can’t expect them to work wonders as soon as you start taking them. In fact. One should take probiotics on a daily basis, even if they are doing well. Probiotics make yours gut more immune to and digestive disturbances. There is saying “prevent is better than cure”. Thus, taking probiotics on a daily basis would keep you healthy. While taking probiotics for a digestive disturbance still makes sense, you must be super patient in order for the probiotic supplement to work and help you regulate your gut health.

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