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Types Of Trauma And Chronic Pain

Everyone experiences their form of pain, and everyone’s pain is different. When you experience pain, you have to visit pain management so that they can help recoveries. People who have long-term distress governance are great overcomers. There are so many types of despair which are; physical, mental and emotional pain. A person who has been through trauma may be triggered by any form of the occurrence to safeguard themselves from possible menace. Trauma also makes it hard for a person to unwind and feel safe around people since they feel like everyone threatens them. This type of response leads to tensed muscles leading to chronic pain.

Meaning of chronic pain

Chronic pain is misery that lasts for up to three months. People who experience this trauma may feel it once in a while or often, and it can affect any body part. This distress can hinder your daily activities, like working and socialising with friends.  Other than affecting your day-to-day activities, it also leads to tension and nervousness, and loss of sleep. Chronic pain differs from acute pain since acute pain happens when you hurt yourself or get a cut on your skin. The pain doesn’t take time to heal like chronic pain. Once you recover, the pain goes away instantly. Chronic pain comes in different forms and may appear on various body parts, like back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle pain, and cancer pain close to the tumour.

Types of chronic pain

  • Somatic pain

This pain comes from your arms, legs, face and tendons. In short somatic pain occurs from outer body injuries. Those who experience this pain feel it’s an ache or a throb. Bodily pain is usually triggered when you experience an acute injury or a chronic illness like arthritis or joint pains.

Meaning of trauma

Trauma is an emotional response to a horrible event that happened to you. These events include; an accident, rape or a natural disaster. After such an event, most people brush off the pain and claim that they are doing okay, which is usually not the case. Such people experience long-term issues like flashbacks, strained relationships and physical signs like nausea and vomiting. Even if these symptoms are common to such patients, some need psychological help, and the best place to visit is the trauma therapy in Malibu, CA clinic.

Various types of trauma

There are so many types of trauma, and they include the following;

  • Bullying

Bullying can be online or physical, and it’s an act carried out by someone to inflict bodily harm on another person. Bullying leaves people with psychological trauma, and people who don’t get help quickly commit suicide.

  • Childhood trauma

This affects children aged 0-6 years since the reaction that comes from kids is different from adults. Since most kids at this time don’t know how to express themselves, their trauma is worse since they live with the pain for many years.


Chronic pain and trauma occur in people at different times, and everyone responds differently.

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